Thursday, October 16, 2008

Women's Health is a joke to John McCain

Holy crap on a stick. This guy is un-fucking-believable.

Let's recap: John McCain thinks women are too stupid to be paid fairly. (I guess he thinks we should spend our time primping and having plastic surgery, like his wife.) He thinks we use our 'health' as an 'excuse' to undergo fucking MEDICAL PROCEDURES. (Bitch and moan about ideology all you want, at its technical base, abortion is a medical procedure. Fucking deal with it.)

So this is what you truly think of women, Senator McCain? Well, you can go jerk off to the American flag---your dumb ass is not getting my vote.

And guys? Barack, you pay attention too: the term is NOT partial-birth abortion. It's called Dialation and Extraction. (DE). And it's rare anyway, so I've never understood the point of this particular debate. Saying you're opposed to DE is like saying you're opposed to drinking curdled milk.

I'll post on the debate in full later on. Right now I need to go alleviate my rising blood pressure.



McCain came out today and used the phrase "liberal feminist agenda". We'd guess that's similar to the "gay agenda", where we all just need to learn to stop being so silly as to think that we deserve equality and justice. He's such a charming man, isn't he?

Chai Latte said...

So, is it fair to say that he has a 'conservative asshole' agenda?

And if by 'charming' you mean 'condescending wife-leaving douchebag', then yes, he certainly is.