Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Culture of Life

So I was reviewing the McCain-Palin position on choice. Oh yes. THAT choice.

I've always thought that McCain pretty much thought 'women's issues' to be beneath him. He's concerned with IMPORTANT things, you see. War and such. Because he so obviously doesn't give a shit, he's fucking dangerous.

Because he is more likely to let Palin handle all that, and we all know where SHE stands on this issue.

Apparently there is a place in hell reserved for women who don't help other women. Palin misquoted this statement in a recent speech.

If that's so, Sarah...looks like we're both going to the same place. Because I've reviewed your policies, read your interviews, and yes, even watched some of them. (I'm still cleaning vomit from my hair.) And you have yet to do ANYTHING that helps other women.

And then there's this bullshit about a 'culture of life'. I've always know that conservatives revere fetuses (feti?) as sacred. What they don't touch on is what they think of the women said fetuses reside in.

There are a shitload of stupid assumptions on women who seek abortions. That they're slutty. They shouldn't have had sex if they didn't want babies. They should have thought of that before. They're irresponsible. That they'll just use it as an excuse to be promiscuous, and as a source of birth control. These are just some, and some of the nicer ones at that.

First off, the 'slut' issue. Stay the fuck out of my Fallopian tubes, Government. You have no place telling me not to have sex if I don't want babies. Why not just say what you really mean---"Women shouldn't be having sex except at the pleasure of men." Women's sexual enjoyment has always been feared, for whatever reason. Please don't ask me to rationalize this bullshit. It causes me to short-circuit.

Irresponsibility? PLEASE. Women are not children. We understand consequences. We do not need Daddy looking after us. We understand that prevention is best, and try to do so. We are not always successful. That's not a result of irresponsiblity, and it can happen for any number of reasons. None of which should be government issues.

All of this serves to devalue pregnant women, make them less human than the fetus within them. It's worth ruining a woman's life, in the name of Palin's 'culture of life'? Whose life?

I'm not thinking of fetuses at all. I'm thinking of the millions of women who have died in agony through self-induced abortions. And I'm thinking that their lives are worth just as much--if not more--than whatever is in their wombs.

Culture of Life, Sarah Palin. LIFE. How about the lives of all these yet-breathing women, whose lives you could potentially hold in your delicately manicured hands?

Are we simply not worth protecting?

Apparently not.

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