Friday, October 24, 2008

Kickin' it old school

I was thinking about the shitty double standards women face when it comes to sex and birth control. And really, it comes from one underlying theme.

Women are not supposed to enjoy sex. Sex is for women to provide, and men to enjoy. Thus, the idea of birth control is laughabe to people who think this way. Women are PUT ON THIS EARTH for sex, and makin' babies. THAT IS OUR PURPOSE. THE WHOLE THING. THERE IS NO MORE.

Y'know, there's nothing I hate more than when other people try to tell me what MY purpose is. Like I don't know waht's best for me, and that I don't know what my body is telling me.

I answer said douchebags with this:

I remember dancing to this song when I was twelve. I feel olllld.

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