Friday, September 12, 2008


Sexism is BAD! No kidding! I just found this out.

Gee, it's a good thing Fox News is there to shine a beacon of truthiness on such goings-on, what with their coverage of Sarah Palin's VP nomination and the sexism she's encountering on the way.

...wait, what?

DID I MISS SOMETHING??? Were they not the ones levelling sexist bullshit at Hillary Clinton EVERY GODDAMNED STEP OF THE WAY during her presidential campaign? WHAT THE FUCK???
Wait, wait, I got it now. It's not a bad thing if it happens to a liberal. It's only bad and wrong if it happens to a conservative.

These shitheads have no business even MENTIONING the word 'sexism'. Conservatives block the progress of equality every damn day. Limiting reproductive freedom, refusing to equalize the wage gap between the sexes...oh yeah, they're real fucking freedom fighters. Who the fuck are they fooling, exactly? Because I'm not falling for their bullshit.

They think they're progressive now? Why? Because a woman's on the ticket? The only reason McCain chose a woman was because Barack didn't. Why would he? B-Rock needed the Old White Guy Vote, so he picked an OWG as his running mate.

This Republican rhetoric is making my brain leak out my ears. QUIT TURNING SHIT AROUND WHEN IT SUITS YOU, DAMMIT!

It breaks down like this, assholes:

  • You don't support my right to choose/control the number of kids I have
    You don't support my right to equal pay for equal work (and gosh, neither does Sarah Palin, who IS a woman! Huh.)
  • You have absolutely no right whatsoever to act as though you've JUST discovered that women are discriminated against when YOU YOURSELVES have been active in said discrimination while pretending it doesn't exist.

I'll borrow a quote from "Tremors" here:

Thank you, Kevin Bacon. I believe that says it all.

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Chai Latte said...

If you needed an audio, here it is. Sums up my feelings rather well.