Friday, September 12, 2008

Did I miss something???!!!

Why do people keep calling Sarah Palin a feminist? I know that conservatives are fucking retarded as a general rule, but this is ridiculous even for them. I actually believe that they have no right even to USE the word feminism, since an overwhelming majority of their policies and ideologies are anything BUT feminist. And now they're acting like they've JUST discovered it.

Bitches, PLEASE.

Sarah Palin is a woman who has benefitted from feminism. For the record, she did not shatter any glass ceilings in her VP nomination. That would be Geraldine Ferraro in 1984. (Anyone remember her?) If it wasn't for the work of feminists past, Sarah Palin could not have gotten where she is today.

I'm not decrying her abilities, but I am LIVID that she would even consider calling herself a feminist. To my mind, a true feminist wants to better the lives of ALL women--not just the ones like herself. Sarah Palin clearly is not. She is not willing to help working mothers or pregnant teens. She is not willing to fight for equal pay for equal work, so that women can better support themselves. It is her stance on the rights of victims of rape and incest that disgust me the most. She believes that they should be forced to give birth to the fruit of a deep personal and physical trauma. "You don't have to KEEP it!" is not a valid response to this, FYI. She's still in favor of sentencing victims of these heinous crimes to nine months of reliving the atrocity committed against them.

In other words, she's pro-rape. In all fairness, she probably thinks that rape "only happens to stupid sluts who don't listen to daddy and do what Jesus tells them". You cannot have anti-feminist views and claim to be a feminist. This logic is not our earth logic. Pardon me, everyone. There will be a slight delay as I attempt to control the gray matter currently leaking out of my ears.

Words cannot express my hatred and disgust of this woman and her policies. McCain is bad enough in his own right, but Palin? A Margaret Atwoodsian disaster awaits us if the McCain/Palin ticket wins.

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