Monday, December 22, 2008

Sometimes, I have no words

And sometimes, I only need three. WHAT THE FUCK???

This poor kid. I don't feel qualified to talk about the racism a young black girl faces growing up in Texas, but as a human being I can't help but be revolted by this.

Growing up, we all learn to call the police when we're in trouble. They exist to watch and protect us. But who's watching them? I wonder sometimes.

Questions I Have for the Galveston, TX Police

1. Are your undercover police officers blind? I don't see how else they could mistake a twelve-year-old black child for an adult white woman. What was this, the Helen Keller division?

2. Since when does wearing short shorts equal practicing prostitution? Prostitutes do wear pants, you know. And skirts, even. Also, I might point out that many types of everyday exercise wear (like bicycle shorts and yoga pants) are also tight-fitting. Also, it's fucking TEXAS. You should at least understand the desire to wear as little as possible to avoid dying from the dry heat.

3. If Dymond Milburn had actually been a prostitute, would that have justified the violence used against her? Do most prostitutes require three men to bring them downtown? If so, is it like in Sin City where the prostitutes have machine guns, throwing stars and katanas?

And, oh yeah...prostitutes are human beings as well. In case y'all didn't know down there in Texas. And guess what? So are black people! How bout that!

The most sickening part of this is that they're charging the VICTIM. I want to throw up. I am so outraged I'm literally sick with it. This makes no sense, and yet these officers will likely get away with it. Because their victim is young, black, and a girl. And she's in Texas.

Why didn't we let the South secede again?

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snobographer said...

Milburn and her family are suing the Galveston PD. Not that it would make up for everything she's been subjected to, but I hope she wins enough to put herself through Harvard Law.